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Tern Quick Haul

Affordable. Simple.

Leave the car at home and turn everyday chores into mini adventures with this affordable electric bike. Good Move.

Meet the Tern Quick Haul

The simplest and most affordable way to get around town.

One passenger or up to 150kg

20+ accessories for carrying cargo and kids

Up to 105km

Bosch Performance Line mid-drive motor for a smoother, more powerful, and reliable ride than other eBikes.

• Step through frame that’s easy and safe to get on and off
• Wardrobe friendly
• Strong headlight and rear light for visibility
• Small wheels for stability

The Tern Quick Haul is right for you if:

Accessories to build the perfect second car replacement

With the Tern Quick Haul,  you can customise your e-cargo bike with accessories to match your lifestyle. Everything you need to replace your second car.

Protecting what’s important​

Don’t be fooled by imitations, not all eBikes are equal.

Lug+Carrie eBikes meet the highest of safety standards, without cutting corners.

Tern meets the highest levels of safety standards, without cutting corners.

UL is a safety standard that requires strict testing to prevent incidents from electrical, mechanical and fire hazards.

Using Bosch battery safety standards to protect your family and property.

Peace of mind that the bike has been serviced to the highest standards

Never worry about traffic or parking! Good move.

No parking, no delays. For a stress-free arrival, Lug+Carrie to your next get-together.

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