Commuting eBike Solutions

The commute
to work?
No sweat.

Easy to ride from the first pedal, turn the dreaded commute
into time for your own personal headspace.

Our Most Popular Commuter Set Ups

Beat the bus for the same price.

Life in the fast lane is often the bike lane.

Not only is travel in peak hours quicker by bike within 10km of the CBD, but it’s easier to stop for coffee on the way in, grab the milk on the way home or swing past the gym without hassles of parking or packed, unreliable public transport.

Petite power.

Shorter than a regular bike and with vertical storage, the Tern HSD is perfect for city living. The powerful Bosch motor allows you to ride further and flatten hills without breaking a sweat, even in your favourite outfit.
Red Tern eBike frame from Lug+Carrie. Located in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

Little impact

An electric bike emits 2-5 grams of CO2 per kilometre ridden. In comparison, cars emit about 143g CO2 per kilometre.
A Lug+Carrie Tern eBike on the road
Commuter riding with his groceries on his GSD tern eBike from Lug+Carrie. Available in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


The best thing of all, you get to try on the lifestyle before you buy. The vast majority of our customers love their new life on an L+C bike. For the small group that don’t, they can cancel their subscription and hand the bike back rather than having a five to eight thousand dollar high performance dust gatherer in their garage.

How it works

1. Chat with our team
Our experts can talk you through all your options and help you decide on the perfect bike to suit your lifestyle needs.
2. Door to door delivery
Complementary delivery includes a 40 minute orientation on your new bike.
3. Here when you need us
For peace of mind we include locks, an alarm and roadside assistance. If you have maintenance issues, we’ll come to you, so you’ll never be stranded.
4. When life changes
Things change, that’s why our subscription is flexible. Swap accessories or upgrade your bike at any time.