The best eBike experience with none of the stress!

Just like your gas-guzzling four-wheeled companion needs regular servicing and maintenance, your e-bike needs a specialist to keep it running smoothly and safely. Terns are incredibly reliable and need less maintenance than other e-bikes. But, your subscription to Lug+Carrie also includes servicing, maintenance, insurance, and Rider Rescue so you can have the best e-biking experience possible, with none of the stress.

No surprises, just smooth rides

Terns are incredibly safe and reliable, but -e-bikes ride faster, carry more, and have more technical components than traditional bikes., Regular servicing and maintenance are really important but can cost upwards of $600 per year. When you subscribe to a Lug+Carrie, it’s all baked into your subscription, no limits, no need to worry.

Tern specialists, at your service

Not just any old bike mechanics, you’ll find specialist Tern mechanics in our workshops. From the ins and outs of each Tern model to the nitty-gritty of Bosch batteries, they’ve got the expertise to keep your e-bike in tip-top shape. So sit back, relax, and leave the wrenching to the pros.

We’ll come out to your home

Who has time to haul their bike to the shop? Not you. That’s why we bring the service straight to your doorstep. We like to service our subscription eBikes every 2,000km or as required to keep them running in top shape for you. Something not feeling quite right? Book an at-home tune up and one of our mechanics will come to you and give your bike some TLC. 

Rider rescue to the rescue


Out on an adventure and get a flat tyre or snapped chain? Don’t sweat it! As part of your subscription you get access to Rider Rescue who are on call to swoop in, pick up you and your bike, and get you back on track. Once you’ve made it to where you need to go, give your local Lug+Carrie team a call and we’ll come out to you to fix your bike. Find out more in our guide to breakdowns here.

Mum and Daughter after school heading home on their Tern Quick Haul.

Have questions? Ask us anything!

Our friendly team can help with tips on riding in bad weather, how to find the safest riding routes and riding with passengers. We also have a Facebook group where our community can help you to get moving, just ask away!

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Ask us anything!

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