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Ditch The Car With Our Premium Electric Bikes.

All-inclusive subscriptions from $48/week, or buy and ride away today

Get moving with our subscription inclusions

Once you subscribe, we'll bring your Lug+Carrie right to your doorstep.

Free delivery, service pickups + drop offs.*

Your bike, your way. Subscribe for as long as you want, or choose to purchase it outright after 6 months. It's that simple.

It's your electric bike until you unsubscribe or buy it.

When your Lug+Carrie needs a tune-up, we'll pick it up, take care of everything, and bring it back to you, good as new.

Repairs, maintenance + insurance Included.

At Lug+Carrie, we believe in ease and flexibility. Decided our service is not for you? Just let us know with 4 weeks' notice, and we'll collect your bike hassle-free.

Ready to own?

Choose from our range of the latest models, colours and features

Purchasing an eBike from Lug+Carrie includes a personalised handover experience. Plus, enjoy a complimentary tune-up and gain access to our supportive community groups, community rides, and our team of Tern experts.

Try the lifestyle

Make a good move with our flexible subscription starting from $48

Our eBike subscription takes the stress out of riding. Every subscription includes unlimited maintenance, at-home servicing, theft and damage insurance, and rider rescue to keep you riding all year long. You’ll also have access to our supportive community groups and community rides.

The Good Movement Blog

Pedal this way for the best tips, tricks, and stories our good moving community has to offer. 

Protecting what’s important​

Don’t be fooled by imitations, not all eBikes are equal.

Lug+Carrie eBikes meet the highest of safety standards, without cutting corners.

Tern meets the highest levels of safety standards, without cutting corners.

UL is a safety standard that requires strict testing to prevent incidents from electrical, mechanical and fire hazards.

Using Bosch battery safety standards to protect your family and property.

Peace of mind that the bike has been serviced to the highest standards


Whether you subscribe or buy is down to your personal needs and preferences, but here is some guidance on why we think you might go for one or the other:

Subscription: A no-commitment way to try the lifestyle with the option to subscribe-to-buy

We designed our subscription to reduce any barriers when riding an eBike.Our subscription is a no-commitment way to see if doing more of your life on an eBike works for you.

The subscription is good value – Lug+Carrie’s eBikes are top quality, from the tyres to the brakes to the batteries. You’ll also get all-inclusive servicing, maintenance and insurance and the flexibility to swap accessories, upgrade, downsize or even give the bike back as your life and needs change. If you fall in love…it happens…you can buy it outright after 6 months with a balloon payment. 

Buy new: Get the latest models and features, delivered to your door, with ongoing manufacturer support. 

If you already know a thing or two about eBikes, you’ve done your research and know that Tern and Bosch are the best of the best, you might consider buying. You’ll have access to the latest features and models, as well as your pick of colours. And when your bike arrives? It’ll be fresh out of the box. One of our specialist Tern team will put it together, and do a personalised handover. 

Buy refurbished: Same Bosch and Tern reliability, for less. Warranty and tune-up included. Avoid the pitfalls of Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree!

If you’re on a budget or you won’t ride enough kms to justify the cost of subscribing or buying new, refurbished might just be for you. You’ll be getting the same top quality with the peace of mind that it’s been serviced and maintained by specialist Tern technicians. You’ll also get a full service history, warranty, and tune-up included. 

A Lug+Carrie subscription is an ongoing rental of one of our eBikes designed to remove any surprises like upfront purchase costs, breakdown and maintenance fees, and everyday support to keep you moving. For a fixed, predictable, and budgetable weekly fee, you get:

  • A bike (of course) that is kitted out with everything you need to get on the road (you’ll need to bring your own helmet)
  • At home maintenance by one of our expert mechanics
  • Rider Rescue roadside assistance in case your bike breaks down
  • Insurance to cover theft or damage. 
  • Access to our Rider Network, our amazing community of Good Movers. It’s a Facebook Group where everyone shares their adventures and tips and asks questions. We also host regular community rides for everyone to meet and have a good time! 

We’ve created a helpful blog post that provides even more detail about the Lug+Carrie subscription service.

An eBike is just like a regular bike, but it includes an electric motor that is powered by a rechargeable battery. The motor provides pedal assistance, which makes carrying a large load, heading up hills, or riding into the wind (or all of the above) a lot easier.

Lug+Carrie eBikes have four different levels of pedal assistance, which allow you to get as much or as little help as you want. The motor makes it easy for you to carry loads like kids or groceries, or to get where you’re going without getting overheated and sweaty. Ultimately, eBikes help you to do more, ride more, and ride further. 

Find out more about the top four reasons our customers chose an electric bike. We might have written this blog back when we only had 100 customers, but the advice still rings true!

Our subscription is designed for personal use. Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover delivery drivers (e.g. Uber Eats) and we cannot rent out a bike to someone for this use.

If you are looking for a rental bike to use for deliveries you can try contacting the friendly team at Jot or Zoomo. 

Mum and Daughter after school heading home on their Tern Quick Haul.

Still have questions? Ask us anything!

Our friendly team can help with tips on riding in bad weather, how to find the safest riding routes and riding with passengers. We also have a Facebook group where our community can help you to get moving, just ask away!


The Good Movement Company

We’re on a mission to reduce the number of short car trips. Our electric cargo bikes make your commute stress-free and turn the school drop-off into a mini adventure. So, whether you’re new to eBikes, or ready to ditch the second car for good, we’re here to help you get moving.

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