The safest and most reliable eBikes

Our bikes meet the highest global safety standards, so you and your precious cargo can do more of life by bike.

Before we started Lug+Carrie, we rigorously tested countless e-bikes. One of the many factors the Tern excelled in was manufacturing quality and safety. 

Their bikes are certified to the gold standard of e-bikes and batteries – UL2849. It’s a voluntary standard and is expensive to test. But, when it comes to safety, Tern leave no stone…un-Terned.

Ben Carr 
Lug+Carrie Co Founder and Chief Product Officer

Tern for Safety and Reliability

With the right eBike, you really can ditch your car, but it needs to be extremely safe and extremely reliable. Tern eBikes are designed and tested to meet the global gold standards of eBikes so you can enjoy all the adventures with none of the worries. Find out more.

Peace of mind with high quality components

Tern were the first eBike brand to ensure all of its batteries, motor systems, and chargers are compliant with UL 2849, a rigorous international eBike safety standard. Find out more

Built by Tern experts

Whether your Lug+Carrie bike is new, refurbished, or part of our subscription fleet, you can ride easy knowing that it’s been built and maintained by an expert technician.

Never worry about a breakdown

Tern eBikes are incredibly reliable and built to last.  But, if something doesn’t feel right. The Bicycle Network Rider Rescue is available 24/7 to come and pick up you and your bike and take you where you need to go. Rider Rescue is included in the Lug+Carrie subscription and memberships are available for owners. 

We help keep your bike safe and secure

Subscribers are provided with a lock, an alarm, and your bike will be insured against theft and damages. If you’re buying your bike, our team’s here to help with advice. 

Accessories to keep you and your precious cargo safe

Our range of accessories are designed to make your ride and your cargo safe. From the Tern Sidekick Seat Belt to the Thule Yepp Seat, we’ve done all the research so you don’t have to.

Mum and Daughter after school heading home on their Tern Quick Haul.

Still have questions? Ask us anything!

Our friendly team can help with tips on riding in bad weather, how to find the safest riding routes and riding with passengers. We also have a Facebook group where our community can help you to get moving, just ask away!

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