Family eBike Solutions

Make every
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Easy to ride from the first pedal, our Tern eBike options for 1 or 2 children bring joy back to the school run.

A Lug+Carrie to Suit
Any Lifestyle

Our Most Popular Family Set Ups

An eBike
to grow with

A Lug+Carrie grows with your family. It can be shared between parents, it is adjustable in moments for riders of all sizes, and it is easy to swap accessories or bikes to accommodate new family members.

A reassuring ride

Our bikes come with kickstands that allow you to easily load wriggling kids and the shopping at the same time, the smaller wheels give you confidence inspiring stability, and the cargo capacity combined with the powerful Bosch motor means you can flatten hills and leave the car at home.

The image shows a close-up of a blue Tern ebike, designed for urban commuting and versatile cargo-carrying capabilities. The bike has a compact frame and is equipped with a powerful electric motor and battery, providing assistance while riding. The image showcases the bike's details, including the sleek blue frame, the Tern logo on the frame, and the electric motor and battery mounted on the downtube. The bike is equipped with several accessories, including fenders to protect the rider from splashes and a rear cargo rack to hold cargo or a child seat. The image conveys the quality and attention to detail in the Tern ebike's design, making it a practical and stylish option for urban commuters or families.

Your second car is a Lug+Carrie

The average cost of car ownership is $7,774 annually in Australia.

A Lug+Carrie is a simpler way to get around, and it helps the planet. Imagine life without the traffic jams, parking hassles, insurance, rego, depreciation, unpredictable fuel prices and the Sasquatch sized carbon footprint!

The image depicts a Tern ebike kickstand, which is a component that helps to support the bike when it is parked. The kickstand is attached to the bottom of the bike frame near the rear wheel and is made of a durable and sturdy material. The kickstand is designed to fold up and stay out of the way when the bike is in motion, and then easily extend and provide support when the bike is parked. The image showcases the kickstand in its extended position, providing a stable and secure base for the bike to rest on while parked. The Tern ebike kickstand is a practical and useful accessory that helps to keep the bike upright and prevent it from tipping over when parked.
In the image, a father and his daughter are riding a bike together. They are seated on a HSD bike from Lug+Carrie, which is a compact and versatile cargo bike designed for urban commuting. The father is seated in the driver's seat, with his hands on the handlebars and his daughter sitting in front of him on a comfortable and secure child seat. The daughter is wearing a helmet and appears to be enjoying the ride, with a smile on her face and her hands resting on the handlebars. The bike is parked on a paved urban street with a blurred cityscape in the background. The image captures the joy of riding together as a family and the convenience of using a cargo bike for urban transportation.

Why subscribe?

The best thing of all, you get to try on the lifestyle before you buy. The vast majority of our customers love their new life on an L+C bike. For the small group that don’t, they can cancel their subscription and hand the bike back rather than having a five to eight thousand dollar high performance dust gatherer in their garage.

How it works

1. Chat with our team
Our experts can talk you through all your options and help you decide on the perfect bike to suit your lifestyle needs.
2. Door to door delivery
Complementary delivery includes a 40 minute orientation on your new bike.
3. Here when you need us
For peace of mind we include locks, an alarm and roadside assistance. If you have maintenance issues, we’ll come to you, so you’ll never be stranded.
4. When life changes
Things change, that’s why our subscription is flexible. Swap accessories or upgrade your bike at any time.