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An electric bike for the whole family

Skip the chaos of the school drop-off and take the bike lane. Good Move.​

An electric bike to grow with

A Lug+Carrie grows with your family. It can be shared between parents and adjusted quickly for riders of all sizes. With a Lug+Carrie subscription, it’s easy to swap accessories or Tern eBikes to accommodate a growing family’s needs

Flatten hills and leave the second car at home

Small wheels designed to keep you and your precious cargo stable, enough cargo capacity to carry your gear and a powerful Bosch motor to flattens hills means the school drop-off will always be a breeze.

The image shows a close-up of a blue Tern ebike, designed for urban commuting and versatile cargo-carrying capabilities. The bike has a compact frame and is equipped with a powerful electric motor and battery, providing assistance while riding. The image showcases the bike's details, including the sleek blue frame, the Tern logo on the frame, and the electric motor and battery mounted on the downtube. The bike is equipped with several accessories, including fenders to protect the rider from splashes and a rear cargo rack to hold cargo or a child seat. The image conveys the quality and attention to detail in the Tern ebike's design, making it a practical and stylish option for urban commuters or families.

Reduce emissions with every pedal

The average emissions intensity for passenger cars + light SUVs is 14.5g/km.

Not only does a Lug+Carrie eBike subscription save you time, money and stress. It’s also better for your physical health, mental health and the environment.

Say hello to a simpler, greener, and more delightful way of transportation with Lug+Carrie! Join the Good Movement.

Our most popular family electric bike set ups

No matter the weather or the size of your crew, we’ve got an electric bike package tailored to fit your family’s lifestyle.

Baby on Board(B.O.B)

From $57 per week
Max weight


The set up
Tern Quick Haul
Thule Yepp Maxi Child Seat
Tern Cargo Hold 37 Panniers (Pair)
Battery range

Up to 100km


Bosch Performance Line

Quick Haul with a Yepp and panniers.

The coolest way to transport your precious cargo, from 9 months to 22kg. 

The School Bus

From $79 per week
Max weight


The set up
Tern GSD
Tern Captain’s Chair Bundle
Tern Cargo Hold Panniers (Pair)
Tern Hauler Rack
Battery range

Up to 100km


Bosch Cargo Line

Tern GSD paired with panniers, hauler rack, captains chair and handle bars.

Bring the joy back to the school run. All the school bags+rock star parking. Comfortably transport 2 kids. 

The Mini Bus

From $63 per week
Max weight


The set up
Tern HSD
Tern Clubhouse Mini
Tern Transporteur Rack
Battery range

Up to 110km


Bosch Active Line

HSD with a Clubhouse mini and Tern Transporteur Rack

The school run has never been so fun! Packed lunches + 1 child 3 years and up. 

Mum and Daughter after school heading home on their Tern Quick Haul.

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Our friendly team can help with tips on riding in bad weather, how to find the safest riding routes and riding with passengers. We also have a Facebook group where our community can help you to get moving, just ask away!

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