Refer-A-Good Mover

Join the Good Movement. 

Announcing lug+Carrie’s Refer-a-Friend program – Refer-a-Good Mover. 

Whether they’ve subscribed to have more fun, save on transportation costs, do their bit for the environment, or have a healthier lifestyle, our Good Movers all have one thing in common, they’ve joined the Good Movement, a group of like-minded people making a positive change to the way we live and move around. 

Our Good Movers are easy to spot. First, there’s the bike. Next, there’s the cargo – groceries, kids, adults, doggos, school bags. Then, there’s the ‘Good Mover Glow’. Yep, it’s a thing. 

It’s the glow you get when you’re unfazed by traffic, petrol prices, or lack of car parking. When you’re exercising without even noticing and clearing your head while you travel. That wholesome feeling you get when you know you’re contributing to fewer car trips in our cities. 

And, it helps if you don’t need to worry about vehicle breakdowns, servicing or insurance.  

Here’s what people have to say about joining the Good Movement

“I take my 4-year-old twins to childcare, before continuing on to work. These rides fill our mornings with joy and a sense of connection.” 

“I got an HSD from these guys about 5 weeks ago and I am wrapped. The bike is amazing, great for commuting to and from work.”

“Love my Lug+Carrie bike. It’s been a game-changer for the school run and weekend fun! Great customer service too.”

“It now takes me half the time to commute to work from Richmond to central Melbourne. No public transport, no parking, no delays.”

“The sheer enjoyment of riding this bike is contagious. I’ve shared my experiences with colleagues, now 3 are signing up.”

Spot a Good Mover, get a referral, get your first month half price

If you’ve ever had the good fortune of meeting a Good Mover, you’ll know they’re a friendly bunch who love to talk about their life by bike. 

So, next time you see one at the school gates, supermarket or on the soccer sidelines, say hi and ask them what it’s all about.

Better still, ask them for a Good Mover referral to get your first month half price with Lug+Carrie. 

Or, if you’re already a Good Mover, strike up a conversation and share your unique link, they’ll get a month half price and, as a thank you, so will you. The more people you sign up, the longer your discount will apply. Find out more here. 

Other ways to get moving

If that’s not enough to get you running out the door to find a Good Mover, here’s some other ways to get started. 

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