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E-bike eases back pain – meet Good Mover Jon!

Say hello to Jon, one of our wonderful Good Movers hailing from Moorooka, Brisbane! Jon was referred by a friend* to Lug+Carrie in December. 

With a five-year-old daughter who’s just started prep, Jon does the school run daily. He then carries on to work at the University of Queensland, a 22km round trip. 

He’s also been known to spontaneously bike 8km to get his daughter McDonald’s nuggets! 

Bike eases back pain

Pedal power eases back and ITB pain

Jon recently shared in our Rider Network how riding has helped him ease years of back pain. 

“I’ve suffered from years of back pain including a herniation which I had surgery for in 2004, as well as constant and severe thoracic issues. I’ve definitely found that cycling has helped!” 

“I had a regular bike for many years and the frequency and severity of attacks dropped right off. There were years when I had no issues at all.”

“More recently, I’ve suffered from ITB issues which meant I gave the bike up altogether and all my old issues came back!”

“That was my driver for getting a Lug+Carrie bike. I really missed biking and I kept seeing the bikes at my daughter’s daycare. I wanted to see if the battery assist would help me tackle the hills without ITB grief but still help with the back pain. I’ve been riding since December and so far so good!” *

“I also love the feeling that if I happened to suffer from back pain while out on the bike, I could call rider rescue to help! It makes it far less daunting.”

Lug+Carrie Refer-a-friend program

If you’ve ever had the good fortune of meeting a Good Mover, you’ll know they’re a friendly bunch who love to talk about their life by bike.

So, next time you see one at the school gates, supermarket or on the soccer sidelines, say hi and ask them what it’s all about.

Better still, ask them for a Good Mover referral to get your first month half price with Lug+Carrie.

Or, if you’re already a Good Mover, strike up a conversation and share your unique link, they’ll get a month half price and, as a thank you, so will you. The more people you sign up, the longer your discount will apply. Find out more here.

*This is one customer’s experience and we are not medical experts! If you suffer from pain or illness, please seek medical advice for before subscribing to one of our bikes.

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