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Keep the Kids Warm and Dry in the Tern Storm Fort

Not sure about riding in the winter with your kids? We might just have the thing for you…

“It turns everything into an adventure. It’s more than just a bike, it’s a complete lifestyle change.” 

That’s our customer Nat, speaking about her Lug & Carrie Tern GSD. And Nat’s been saying similar things about her newest accessory, one that has made it possible for her to keep riding every day with her kids, even in the winter. 

It’s called the Storm Fort, and it’s the latest accessory for the Tern GSD cargo bike. It takes cues from bike trailers, creating a weather resistant enclosed space for your kids – or any other passengers or cargo for that matter – so they stay warm and dry. 

The Storm Fort is comprised of four different accessories. It starts with the Clubhouse, the accessory that provides rails around four sides on the rear of the Tern GSD which make for a comfortable and safe seating area for small passengers. 

Sidekick Wide decks, which we install on all of our Tern GSD cargo bikes, are next. They provide a nice extended footrest area, and also a solid base for the next piece, the Storm Box. 

The Storm Box is similar to a pair of panniers, though more weather resistant. The Box keeps the lower half of passengers out of the elements, or a nice dry and secure spot for cargo. The Box comes with a ‘kid lid’ that can be extended over the shoulders of kids like a poncho to keep them dry. But you won’t need the kid lid if you’ve got the Storm Shield. 

The Storm Shield completes the Fort, enclosing your passengers on all sides and keeping them completely warm, dry, and happy. The clear windows allow your kids to watch the world go by, and can be rolled up to let in some fresh air. 

If you love riding with your kids, but they are hesitant about being out in the weather, the Storm Fort could be the perfect solution. 

We all know how much kids love hiding in cubby houses – now you can combine the fun of riding with their own little enclosed space, and riding in the rain just turned into the adventure that Nat was talking about.

A blue Tern GSD electric cargo bike with a storm fort accessory

Lug & Carrie offers the Clubhouse, Storm Box, or Storm Shield separately, or as the ultimate Storm Fort Bundle.

Get in touch today if you want to chat about any of our new accessories, or if you’d like to come see them for yourself. 

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