New Years by bike (as if there was any other way)

An account by Lug+Carrie Community Manager, Harriet.

With a two and a five year old in tow now, it’s been a few years since I’ve made it to midnight or overdone the champagnes. These days, you’re more likely to find me tucked up in bed at 10.30pm waiting for the neighbours to turn down their rowdy tunes.  

The thought of venturing out to an event in the city has been totally off the cards. The stress of the crowds, keeping the kids up too late and what, trying to find a carpark? Catching a taxi, public transport? No thank you!

This year for the first time though, I found myself keen to mark the occasion. Partly it was because my eldest just turned five and I thought she might actually understand what it all meant. Partly it was knowing we had the freedom of New Years by bike. 

New Years by bike, the run down

So, I got the kids all ready for bed and at 8.15pm we jumped on the bike. “Grandad” who was visiting for the holidays came with us (on a borrowed Quick Haul), and we met another Good Mover on the way. We rode about five minutes up the road where we had a great vantage point of the 8.30pm Brisbane city fireworks and the added bonus of an impressive fork lighting display. The kids absolutely loved it…pyjamas on the bike, what a novelty and being out after bedtime, stop it! 

Straight after the fireworks ended, we zoomed home and arrived by 9pm. The kids were asleep soon after and I didn’t need to worry about them being a total wreck the next day. Bonus. Putting kids to bed later does not mean they wake up later. IYKYK. 

This whole outing took literally no planning. I decided in the early evening that we’d go, sent a message out to some Lug+Carrie friends and off we went. With children in tow, doing anything else on New Years Eve would have taken very careful planning. I am not a careful planner, so having the bike and being able to be spontaneous with my kids fills my cup in a big way and it seems to fill theirs too. 

New Years by bike Brisbane

Next year I’m keen to be a little more adventurous, maybe brave the city, definitely spurred on by the experiences of other Good Movers who got out and about this year! The consensus? Bikes on New Years. Always. 

New Years by bike Melbourne

“We did! Trams weren’t running, footpaths jammed with pedestrians, the bike was by far the easiest option for nearby early city fireworks. Young fella was tucked up in bed by 10pm” Bronnie (Melbourne).

If you’re keen to be a pro by the time New Year 2024/25 rolls around, why not take one for a spin?

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