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Embrace Different: Lug+Carrie’s Interestingly Useful Bikes

Many people have never seen bikes like the ones we have at Lug+Carrie.

They’ve got small wheels and an angular frame that drops low in the middle.  

They’ve got a flat tail in the back.

It’s carrying a battery, so that must mean they’re electric.

So is this all just high-tech fluff? Just trying to look funky? Not the case. All of the things that make our ebikes different, are also what makes them better. Here’s why:

Electric means easy

Electric bikes are popping up everywhere at the moment. So what’s all the fuss about? It’s about ease, going further, and fun.

Ebikes have a battery that you recharge from time to time, just like your mobile, and the battery powers a motor that assists your pedalling. Our ebikes have what are called ‘pedal assist’ motors, meaning they only kick in when you are pedalling.

There are four speeds of pedal assistance – Eco, Touring, Sport, and Turbo. If you’re feeling sharp, set it for Eco and you can still crack a sweat. Not interested in that sweat because you are commuting? Crank it up to Turbo and the motor will smoothly pump up your pedalling so you can arrive feeling like someone else gave you a ride to work.

Having the motor doing some of the work also allows you to go further than usual. No longer are you having to push your push bike. If you’ve always thought that 10 km ride to work was too far, it’s not on an ebike.

And ebikes are getting popular because they’re just plain fun to ride.

These bikes can do more

Lug & Carrie’s ebikes are really useful in a way that most bikes aren’t. They do more than a regular commuter bike, like carrying things for you. 170kg worth of things, to be exact. 

That long tail in the back is a built-in rack that can be fitted with panniers (bike bags). The front of the bike can be easily accessorised with a front rack or handy basket. Whether you go basket or bag or rack, there will be room for your purse, a backpack, and anything you want to take home from the shops.

All this carrying power has been tested by EFBE Prüftechnik GmbH, one of Europe’s leading bicycle test laboratories.

Having this flexibility to carry all your stuff means you’ll be finding new ways to use your bike. Pack a jacket and bag when you’re heading for a long day out. Say goodbye to the sweaty back you were getting by having to commute with your work things in a backpack. Pick up enough food at the shops for dinner tonight AND tomorrow night, drinks included. 

Anything you want to do is easy done. 

Why are the wheels like that?

Being built to carry doesn’t just mean that the bikes are simply beefed up versions of regular bikes. Lug & Carrie bikes are built for stability. You noticed that they have smaller wheels. This lowers the centre of gravity when you are riding, which makes for sharp handling and makes you feel stable and safe, even when the bike is loaded up.

The fatter tyres also increase stability and make for a smoother ride. There’s also a shock absorber on the front, a feature you don’t normally find on commuter bikes, which will help you comfortably navigate the potholes, cracks and tram lines around the city. 

Tip to Tail Quality

Last but certainly not least, the high quality of our bikes sets them apart.

Our ebikes are made by Tern. Bicycling Magazine named our little red Tern HSD one of the best City/Urban bikes of 2020, and it has been counted amongst the best commuter cargo bikes by Wired and the online ebike authority Ebiketips.

But you don’t have to venture out into the internet to understand what all the fuss is about.

The Tern HSD features a Bosch motor and battery system, regarded as one of the best in the world. The Bosch motor transfers power directly to the pedals, gathering speed quickly but smoothly, feeling more natural than cheaper motors that can feel jumpy and unsafe. The battery management system works together with the motor to maximise mileage and life. 

Strong hydraulic disc brakes by Magura Germany give the confidence that you’ll be able to stop smoothly in any conditions, no matter what you are carrying.

There will be no worrying about getting stuck on the side of the road with a flat, because the Schwalbe Big Ben RaceGuard tyres provide puncture protection.

This bike has no chain – it features a Gates carbon belt drive. Belt drives are smooth, quiet, and there’s no grease to get on the leg of your favourite jeans.

Quality also means that useful extra features like mudguards and lights are built-in, and the bike comes with a bell, integrated lock, and alarm.

But doesn’t everyone say their bikes are ‘quality’? How can you really tell?

You’ll know it when you ride one.

Why not come test ride one of our interestingly useful electric bikes and find out? Hit one of the Apply buttons and we’ll be in touch to schedule a time.

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