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Quick hauling worm farms! Meet Good Mover Thom.

Lug+Carries are built for cargo – kids, adults, dogs, cats, Christmas trees, flatpack furniture…and now we can add worm farms! Hailing from Melbourne, this month’s Good Mover travels around Kindergartens teaching kids all about the benefits of worms and he does it all on his Quick Haul. Find out more about why Thom subscribed to Lug+Carrie and how it’s completely changed his travel behaviour!

Why’d you subscribe?

I subscribed to Lug+Carrie to actively cut down on my car usage. I loathe being stuck in traffic, getting stressed about being late for work, wasting petrol and being slugged at the bowser for the privilege. Using a Lug+Carrie bike to commute to work has highlighted just how over reliant I was on my car, even for the shortest trips. The subscription has helped me change out and swap out accessories as our needs change. Throw in the lifeline of Rider Rescue, top notch free services and a great bike to boot, it was a no brainer. 

What’s your setup? 

Our current setup is the Tern Quick Haul, hauler rack, storm box mini, storm shield and mad pad seat for the little one. I say ‘current’ because when I first started out with Lug+Carrie it was the Quick Haul bike without any passenger carrying capacity. With a toddler looking on at the bike in the shed day in, day out, that setup didn’t last. I’m now the ‘dad taxi’ with a very snug and comfortable little rider in tow. 

What cargo do you carry (people and things!)?

This bike is constantly carrying a mix of people, cargo, pets, and things. For work, I load up the front rack with worm farms and mini compost bins (I work with kindergartens and schools, teaching about the wonders of worms). Simultaneously however, I’ve got the toddler in the comfy fort and his bike affixed to the rear side of the storm box. Over the last year, my little rapscallion is sharing in the joy of riding, by jumping on his own bike part of the way to kinder. For the busy roads and steep hill between our home and his kinder, he leaps into the storm box, his bike gets slotted back onto the storm box and the shared journey continues. Once we’re away from the trickier parts of our journey, he’s back out and riding alongside me again. 

Thom and his own little Good Mover (aged 4)


How’s it changed your travel behaviour?

In so many different and positive ways! More often than not, I’m reaching for my bike keys over my car keys. I’m also exploring different ways to get to and from work, whether that be via the many quieter side streets or the hidden bike paths that run parallel to the creeks up my way. There are some days that getting drenched in cold rain on a single digit degree day doesn’t appeal at all but fortunately, with the Quick Haul’s size, I slip the bike onto the train for part of my commute into work. 

Tell us about a time your Lug+Carrie sparked an interesting conversation!

Because I ride my work out to schools, libraries, and kindergartens regularly, I’ve started to incorporate my commute to these venues as part of my sustainable engagement programme. The chats I have are mostly centred around how long it takes to get from point A to point bB and using GPS data, I’ve been able to show that my commute time is comparable to me lugging all the worm farms, compost bins and soil to a workshop in a car. It becomes a simple equation of; benefits of active transport + health improvements + less cars on the road + petrol savings = a happier me and a happier natural environment. 

What’s your favourite ride on the bike?

My favourite rides to date are probably our family ‘BB’ rides. B for Bakery. B for BMX track. We all don weather appropriate gear, strap the little bike to the storm box and head out to our local bakery for some sweet and savoury snacks, before ducking down a creek trail that conveniently winds up at our local BMX track. 


What would you say to others who might be considering the e-bike, or Lug+Carrie lifestyle but need a bit of a push?

Do it. With a subscription service, there’s no major financial risk if biking journeys don’t suit your lifestyle, simply return it, no harm, no foul. If you hop on one of the Good Mover referral codes that pop up from time to time for a further discount, before you know it, eight weeks have blown by, and you’ve become a bike rider for everything. From trips to work, the shops, the library and the pool, Lug + Carrie’s got you covered.

You can meet Thom and his little man at our next Melbourne Community Ride on July 6th! He’ll be coming along for the ride to the Children’s Farm, check out the details and reserve your spot here.

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