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Get Dinked: The Most Fun You Can Have on the Back of an eBike

You have a Lug+Carrie, but what do you use it for? Carrying your kids obviously, groceries, backpacks, perhaps your dog. Maybe you use it for your daily commute and don’t carry anything at all. But have you ever considered carrying your partner or your mates on the back? 



It wasn’t something that I had thought seriously about, and honestly I didn’t feel safe doing it. I’m a bit of a control freak, so not having control over where we were going combined with not being able to see past the rider’s back, gave me mild anxiety!


But, our team recently spent a wonderful week in Sydney as a team building exercise and while I rode my GSD for most of the week, I also had the most exhilarating experience being ferried around the city on the back of someone’s else’s Luggie. And so did a lot of the team!



Dinking, or doubling, on a bike can be heaps of fun if you have the right setup. You are more than welcome to ride with other occupants, but they need to use a seat designed for passengers, making the temptation to replicate childhood memories of dinking your mates on your handlebars, crossbar or at the back of your bike unwise, and illegal. 


Ben dinking Janine


That’s where our bikes come in. Whether you’re on an HSD or GSD, it is so easy to add a  seat pad or two to your setup. It’s guaranteed laughs and fun times, and is absolutely perfect for your date nights, trips to the pub, even dinking your teenagers to their weekend games (if they’re not too cool!).


If you have any questions, or would like someone to show you how to dink safely, give us a call. Alternatively you can give our “Think before you Dink” blog post a read here.

If you do pop a mate on the back of your Lug+Carrie, please tag us in any photos you post on the socials using the tag #dinklife


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