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#GoodMover spotlight – Meet Kim

#GoodMover spotlight – Meet Kim

Say hello to Kim, one of our fab Lug+Carrie ambassadors hailing from Alphington, Melbourne 👋🏼 You’ve likely seen Kim (and her partner) around and about on our website and socials!

Why’d you subscribe?

For commuting to work in Richmond and also so I had wheels on the weekend if my partner took our only car away!

What’s your setup?

The “Green Machine” (Tern Quick Haul with panniers and front hauler rack)

How’s it changed your travel behaviour?

It’s now my default mode of transportgroceries, gym, work, pub, appointments etc. Only if it’s not practical for some reason will I then consider driving. Also, it now takes me half the time to commute to work from Richmond to central Melbourne. No public transport, no parking, no delays.

Have you ever had your bike serviced or used Rider Rescue?

Yes, multiple times. The inclusion is great. The team’s come to my house and I’ve also used Rider Rescue to get the bike into the shop for a flat tyre repair and a tune up.

What’s your favourite ride on the bike?

I enjoy using the bike to go out on the weekends with my partner. He has a normal bike not an e-bike, so he has to work a bit harder and is a little sweatier when we arrive. But whenever we ride anywhere instead of driving we always joke about how we’re saving the world and feel very smug and wholesome [we have a word for that #smuglugger]

Any tips for what to wear when biking?

I’m slowly branching out with what I wear on the bike and learning the tricks to keep dresses, skirts etc practical and safe. Also, I would highly recommend pedal straps like these ones – even if you just put a foot through on one side and not both, it makes bringing the pedal up when stopped much easier, and doesn’t risk damaging nice shoes from putting them underneath the pedals! 

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