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Customer Spotlight – Meet David

David and his family have been riding a Lug+Carrie for just over 2 months now. Here is what he has to say about how it’s helped them do more as a family.

How long have you been a customer?

I’ve been a cargo bike rider for a few years now riding the Tern GSD with my 2 young girls. Our favourite thing is to go for a ride along Brisbane’s river and get croissants. Lately their mother Jen was a little envious she wasn’t able to join us for these fun adventures.  But these are expensive bikes! So we were a little unsure about whether it would suit us to get one for her. The subscription service makes it so easy to dip your feet in the water and we’re all so glad we did. Jen always said ‘no way, no how’ on riding a bike but the Lug+Carrie team were so helpful, understanding, and patient that it made the whole experience pleasant for a first time rider. She hired a Tern HSD and it’s been a great success.

How has your Lug+Carrie changed your travel behaviour? 

Having the bike subscription has enabled us to get rid of the 2nd car. So we’re now saving money, getting exercise and having a blast riding as a family. We use the bikes for school drops, grocery runs, library visits, and even Bunnings trips (you would be amazed to see what I’ve managed to pack on these bikes!).

How does it help you navigate Brisbane?

Brisbane is a terrific place to ride. The river views as you meander across town on bike paths, over bridges, and through parks is just magical. But it’s hilly! So having an electric bike, especially one as powerful as the GSD, is kind of a must have. The most incredible thing about the whole experience is that it doesn’t just replace car trips, it really motivates us to get out and explore our beautiful town. There are secret bike paths that you would’ve never noticed being stuck behind the wheel.

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