Leave the car at home.

Good Move.​

With every weekly subscription, you get credit that can be used towards owning your bike.

Once you subscribe, we'll bring your Lug+Carrie right to your doorstep.

Free delivery, service pickups + drop offs.

Your bike, your way. Subscribe for as long as you want, or choose to purchase it outright after 6 months. It's that simple.

It's your bike until you unsubscribe or buy it.

At Lug+Carrie, we believe in ease and flexibility. Decided our service is not for you? Just let us know with 4 weeks' notice, and we'll come collect your bike hassle-free.

When your Lug+Carrie needs a tune-up, we'll pick it up, take care of everything, and bring it back to you, good as new.

Repairs, maintenance + insurance Included.

Subscribe + save on your weekly travels with Lug+Carrie. ​

Don’t wake up worrying about traffic, parking or overcrowded public transport. With Lug+Carrie it’s faster, easier and cheaper to get around. 

Based on weekly Melbourne public transport ticket. 


$44 / wk


$40 / wk


$265 / wk

Compare the cost: bike ownership vs a Lug+Carrie subscription

Not sure whether a subscription or ownership is right for you? Don’t sweat it, we’ve done the maths so you don’t have to.

Enjoy the benefits of subscription until you’re ready to own

If you decide you want to ride off into the sunset with your Lug+Carrie, you can at anytime. The best part? Your subscription payments can count towards the bike’s price.  So, what are you waiting for? Let’s hit the road!