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Purchasing a new Tern through Lug+Carrie includes delivery with a personalised handover experience. Our expert team will guide you through your bike's features, answer any questions, and offer tips for making the most of your new Tern.

Plus, enjoy a complimentary tune-up and gain access to our supportive community groups, community rides, and so much more.

GSD S10 LX Gen 2

You + 2 Passengers



Utility + extra power. Carry anything and go further.

Fully qualified car replacement with premium extras.

GSD S10 LR Gen 2

You + 2 Passengers



Utility + power. Carry anything anywhere.

Easy to ride, reliable, and sharable car replacement.

HSD P5i Gen 2

You + 1 Passenger



Capable, premium + stress free riding.

Go exploring without maintenance worries or range anxiety.

Quick Haul P9

You + 1 Passenger



Simple, reliable, value. A familiar riding position.

Reliability in an affordable, familiar, and nimble ride.


You + 1 Passenger



Accessible for short and mature riders.

Easy to get on, easy to handle. a silky smooth way to get moving again.

Vektron S10

You + 1 Passenger



Foldable. Ready to be taken anywhere.

Easily thrown in the back of a car or camper van for the holidays.

Lug+Carrie Refurbished Fleet

Better for the planet, better for your pocket.


From $3,275

Want the Tern reliability and Bosch safety for less? ​

All the feature, at a lower price. Starting from $3,275

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