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Sign up for your free 4 week trial of a Lug+Carrie eBike. Part of the City of Port Phillip’s Subsidised Riding Program.

Who is it for?
Families who want to turn the school or kinder drop into quality time, and leave the hassles of the car at home.

Not sure if eBikes are for you?

  • Lug+Carrie will deliver the bike to your home, school or kindergarten and show you how to use it.
  • We’ll provide tips on how to ride safely with children.
  • Lug+Carrie will be here to support you during the trial.

Returning to cycling?

  • We’re here to get you back on the bike, it’s what we do.
  • Our bikes are one-size-fits-all, safe, and stable thanks to the smaller wheels.
  • Fitness and hills aren’t an issue thanks to the electric motor.

Want to ride more?

  • You can ride with one or two kids (even a second adult!)
  • Ride to school or kindergarten, to work, the shops or to the football on the weekend on a single charge.
  • Modular and capable of carrying up to 200kg, our bikes can replace your car for more than just the school or kinder drop.

How it works

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Fill out the form with some basic information about yourself.

Chat With Us

One of our friendly experienced staff will help you choose the bike and accessories to suit your family.

Get Your eBike!

Delivered to your home with a 45 min introduction to your Lug+Carrie and riding with kids.

Have Fun!

We’re here for you. Any issues with your bike and we will come to your place to get you rolling again. There’s even roadside assistance! It’s all part of the standard Lug+Carrie subscription.

We’ve helped hundreds of people make the switch to a more active and efficient way of getting their family around!

Pop-up Test Rides!

Want to try the bikes first? We will be doing test rides at your school or kindergarten!

St Mary’s
Primary School

Tuesday 30th May
3:15 - 4:15pm

Bubup Nairm
Children's Centre

Wednesday 31st May
4:00 - 5pm

Eildon Road Childcare & Kindergarten

Tuesday the 22nd of August
4:30pm - 5:30pm

Been thinking about ways to switch up your travel?
We have everything you need!

Kim enjoying commute to work on her Quick Haul ebike. As a Lug+Carrie subscriber she doesn't need to stress about parking or traffic.

The Quick Haul P9

Affordable, simple and powerful. Carry up to 1 child and their bags.

The Tern HSD s8i

Small and Nimble. Great for transporting up to one child, bags and shopping.

The Tern GSD ebike is a compact and versatile cargo bike designed to carry two passengers or children. The image shows the bike parked on a city street with a blurred cityscape in the background. The bike has a sturdy frame and a rear cargo rack, which is equipped with a comfortable and secure child seat. The child seat can be easily removed when not in use, and the cargo rack can accommodate other cargo, such as groceries or work equipment. The bike also features an electric motor and a battery, which provides assistance while riding, making it easier to navigate hills or long distances. The Tern GSD ebike is a perfect solution for families or commuters who need a compact and versatile bike that can carry multiple passengers or cargo. It is available at Lug+Carrie.

The Tern GSD s10

All the power you need. Carry up to 2 kids, their bags and your weekly groceries.

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Our goal is to empower families to leave the car at home by providing no commitment flexible subscriptions, with reassuring ongoing support, to the best bikes in the world.

The City of Port Phillip is working with local schools and kindergartens to deliver the Subsidised Rider program, a behaviour change program working to increase the number of families travelling actively to kindergarten and school.


Want to know more?
Email us at and mention the City of Port Phillip.

The trial includes an eCargo bike of  your choice with any accessories for four weeks.

The offer is limited to 12 free trials per school and is limited to one bike per family. 

 You will be asked to complete two surveys and pay a $44 deposit as part of the application process. Your deposit will be refunded at the end of the 4 week trial. 

The bike and all its accessories will be picked up for free at the end of the four weeks. If you’d like to continue renting the bike after the free four week period, Lug+Carrie can organise a subscription suitable for your needs.

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Find out for yourself how much fun you can have on a Lug+Carrie.

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