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Lug+Carrie is excited to offer Bicycle Network members 50% off our eBike subscription for 8 weeks.

Lisa Loru
Lisa Loru
3 May 2024
Lug+Carrie is one of the best options if you are looking for a carefree e-bike in Melbourne. You can buy or rent a vehicle for only 50$/week. You can build your own with whatever you need on it. It has 3 security systems: frame lock, chain and anti-theft alarm. Best of all: the Bosh battery. Easy to charge, easy to take out and put back. Battery life depends on the mode you use (no battery, eco, tour, sport, turbo). I rented a red Tern HSD. It is absolutely stunning. Comfortable, versatile, stable in all weather conditions. A special thanks goes to Alison. She simply was amazing with me. She helped me choose it and since it has been my partner for almost a year. Highly recommended.
Magdel van der Walt
Magdel van der Walt
29 April 2024
Amazing servize and above and beyond effort to fix the bike and keep me riding as mutch as posible. Thanks guys. Let me explain, for those who are willing to lear on. I have had my bike for about year and since day one its been squeaking and the gears slip! Have had it "fixed" by the place I bought it twice, but still it squeaked and sliped. Out of desperation used Lug and Carrie since when I rented a bike they gave me excelent service. At 1st lug and carry did a quick standard service, but this didnt fix the problem. Called them and aranged to take the bike back and they sriped it down to the frame and found that the frame was defective. They then aranged for a warentee frame from Tern AND gave me a red frame to use while I waite for the replacement. Like I said at the top Amazing servize and above and beyond effort to fix the bike and keep me riding as mutch as posible. Thanks guys.
Fernando Jativa
Fernando Jativa
15 April 2024
I've had an incredible journey with Lug & Carrie, starting from the moment I first rented a cargo bike from them 3 years ago. I was so happy with the bike, that I decided to buy it, and they have continued to provide an outstanding service and support ever since. They stand out for their exceptional customer service. Every visit, whether it's a simple service check-up or an urgent repair, is handled with professionalism. Their team is very skilled with Tern bikes, friendly, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the customer's needs are met. What's truly remarkable is how Lug & Carrie maintain the same high standard of service after the sale as they do before. It's rare to find a company that continues to value and support its customers long after the initial transaction. They've created a community of cycling enthusiasts who feel supported and valued.
Monica O'Dwyer
Monica O'Dwyer
2 April 2024
Commuting across town is no longer a struggle but an enjoyable breeze along Melbourne's bike paths with my lug and carry bike (and it's faster than public transport). The one time I had a flat tyre - the included taxi-pick-up service was prompt and efficient. Overall its an excellent cost-efficient travel solution!
Matt Pring
Matt Pring
19 March 2024
Love my e bike, love the service from lug and carry.
Shqipe Memishi
Shqipe Memishi
9 March 2024
I rang Lug + Carrie for a service on Wednesday afternoon because my bike tube burst, and within the hour I received a text from Katie saying that she can organise a pick-up from my home address the following day (Thursday), as they would be in my area in inner west Melbourne. I had work on Thursday but this wasn’t a problem. The team were still able to pick up my bike. While at work, I received a text from Dan giving me an update that he had replaced the rear tyre and tube. He didn’t state whether it had been dropped back home or not. I just assumed I’d have to pick it up from the shop after work because they had already done a lot for me (as in picking up my bike and servicing it). But after a long days work as a florist, and then floristry school at night, I came home to a freshly serviced bike locked up safe at my front entrance. This all happened within a days initial call!I am so grateful to Katie, Dan and whoever picked up and dropped off my bike! Thanks team for looking after me :)
Melanie Henry
Melanie Henry
6 March 2024
Delighted with our L+C bike and even know as owners (after 3 years of leasing) we’re incredibly impressed by the ongoing support. Looking forward to many more years of riding!
29 February 2024
We have a 1 and 3 year old, and the GSD from Lug + Carrie has changed our life- no more sitting in traffic with wailing kids, they enjoy seeing so much more than you can in a car, we chat heaps, and it’s great in all weathers with the storm shield. The service is incredibly prompt and the staff are so helpful. Highly recommended lug + carrie!

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It's your electric bike until you unsubscribe or buy it.

When your Lug+Carrie needs a tune-up, we'll pick it up, take care of everything, and bring it back to you, good as new.

Repairs, maintenance + insurance Included.

At Lug+Carrie, we believe in ease and flexibility. Decided our service is not for you? Just let us know with 4 weeks' notice, and we'll collect your bike hassle-free.

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Do your part for the environment and budget by reducing how often you drive a car.

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How do I ensure I am always covered by insurance?

We want you to always feel confident on your electric bike. That’s why we’ve included bike insurance as part of your Lug+Carrie subscription.

In general, so long as you have stored, locked, and ridden your bike appropriately, you will be covered for damage and theft, and the maximum amount you are responsible for paying is a $500 excess.

However, if you have not followed our locking and storage requirements you may be liable for the full value of the bike. 

To learn more check out our T&Cs.

If you’re still unsure, our team is here to help. Click Call Us to speak to your local team member. 

Are there any upfront costs?

You will be asked to pay a $44 deposit as part of the application process. Your deposit will be refunded at the end of the 8-week trial. 

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